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(It is highly recommended that first time users read this entire page before attempting to access the map applications)

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Interactive Map Applications

Montgomery Township and the Geospatial Information Technology Department are pleased to present the township's new Geoweb Map Interactive Internet GIS Map Applications.  No software is required by the user, except for a web browser.  These applications are the internet versions of the same applications the township's staff is currently using within the township's intranet.  The purpose of these applications is to provide the general public with detailed mapping information and easy access to public information.  The target audience includes current, potential, and future residents, township officials, township professionals, engineers, land surveyors, architects, environmental professionals, title companies, mortgage lenders, insurance providers, appraisers, and anyone else who needs access to this type of detailed information.

Unlike traditional paper or static digital maps, interactive maps provide much more information.  Interactive maps can be searched or queried for the desired information, the map symbology can be changed, and detailed information can be obtained about various locations.  This is all possible since interactive maps are tied directly to databases containing all of the detailed information.  Montgomery Township's Geoweb Map Applications actually integrate several of the township's databases in a manner that is seamless to the user.

Montgomery Township is also using the Geoweb Map Applications as a very efficient, easy to use method of delivering various types of current and archived public records.  Throughout the applications, users can obtain final subdivision plats, tax maps, FEMA and township flood maps, sanitary sewer maps, topographic maps, historical site information, township ordinance and zoning information, USGS Quadrangle Maps, utility as-built plans, surveys, CAD mapping files, deeds, and survey control datasheets.  Previously most of this information took a great deal of time and resources to obtain.  Now this information is available with a few mouse clicks.  The township will continue to add more and more public records to the Geoweb Map Applications over time, as part of its commitment to providing timely and easy access to public records.

For a listing of all the external info that is available through the various Geoweb Map applications, please click here.

Geoweb Map Applications

Below is a listing of the various Geoweb Map Applications.  Just click on the various hyperlinks to access the interactive map applications.  Prior to utilizing these applications, it is recommended that user utilize the provided Online Help Guide.  It contains detailed information on how to use the various Geoweb Map Applications.  The online help guide can also be accessed from within the Geoweb Map Viewer.
To view answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page
The Geoweb Map Applications are best viewed using Internet Explorer 5.5 or later or Netscape 7.1 or later.  Other web browsers may not fully support all of the available functions or features of these applications.  It is strongly suggested that you utilize one of the supported web browsers when using these applications.  Use of these applications requires pop-up windows and cookies for all features to function properly.  To obtain full functionality, please set your web browser to allow pop-up windows and enable cookies for this web site.  Cookies are only used for the applications to save certain settings for the user while utilizing this site.  They are not for tracking purposes nor can township staff in any way view any information from the cookies.
The Geoweb Map applications utilize GIS data prepared by the Montgomery Township Geospatial Information Technology Department, as well as from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, New Jersey Geological Survey, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), USDA-Natural Resource Conservation Service, United States Geological Survey (USGS), NOAA-National Geodetic Survey (NGS), United States Census Bureau, and the County of Somerset.  None of these agencies have reviewed or endorsed the Geoweb Map applications.  Montgomery Township does wish to thank these agencies for the information they have provided to the township.
The software shown below will help view the map information that can be obtained from the Geoweb Map Applications.  Please click the icons below to download this software.  Please note that Montgomery Township is only providing a link to obtain free software from third-party vendors.  The township in no way endorses or provides any warranty on these products.  If any user chooses to download any of this software, it is at the users own risk.  The individual vendor may require the user to register with them, prior to allowing any user to download their software.


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Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF Files


Please note that while the township has made every effort to include accurate information within the various Geoweb Map applications, the Montgomery Township does not offer any warranty on this information, nor should such be implied.  It is the users responsibility to verify the information obtained from these applications with the appropriate sources.  These sources include, but are not limited to, township ordinances and appropriate officials, county, state, and federal regulations and appropriate officials.  The information provided in these applications was not created as survey data, nor should it be used as such.  It is the users responsibility to obtain information prepared by a Licensed Land Surveyor, where required by New Jersey Law.

By accessing the Geoweb Map applications, all users acknowledge and accept these terms of use, as well as the full Montgomery Township Spatial Data User Agreement, which is available by clicking here.


General Map Application
  • General - This application provides general information about the township.  Information includes township facilities, private facilities, schools, historical sites, bus routes, bus stops, and wildlife management areas.  Extended information about township and private facilities is available from web pages for these facilities.  Detailed information is also available for historic sites, including photographs of each site.  PDF maps of wildlife management areas are also available.
  • Voting - This application provides information to residents concerning their voting district, location of their polling place, and provide turn-by-turn directions from their house to the polling place.
  • Fire Hydrants - This application provides information about fire hydrant and fire tank locations and their proximity to residences and businesses.  It also provides information in which fire district residences or businesses are located.
  • Tax Info/Land Records - This application provides cadastral and tax assessment information, including property owners.  The property owner information is usually updated on a quarterly basis.  The map can be symbolized by various information like property classification, assessment value, last sales price, and revaluation neighborhood.  For lots that were created by major subdivision, access is provided to the final plat in PDF format.  Access to minor subdivision plats is presently being added, with a expected completion time of early 2009.  The tax maps from 2001 to the present can also be accessed in PDF format.  Users also have the ability to download the current tax maps in either AutoCAD (dwg) or Microstation (dgn) format.  Users of all Geoweb Map applications must understand that the parcel boundaries used in all applications are based on the latest Montgomery Township Tax Maps.  While the tax maps are based on deed and survey data, the tax maps are not individual field surveys of these parcels.  Where required the user should consult a licensed land surveyor to obtain proper surveys.
  • US Census Blocks - This application provides various information from the 2000 United States Census at the census block level.  This is the most detailed level of information provided by the US Census Bureau.  Available information for each census block includes, population and density, racial population and percentage, median age, overall age percentage, male age percentage, female age percentage, number of families, average family size, and average household size.  The map can be symbolized by population density and various racial percentages.
  • US Census Tracts - This application provides various information from the 2000 United States Census at the census tract level.  Available information for each census tract includes median income, household income, household income percentage, commuting type, travel time to work, time leaving for work, birthplace and citizenship, and household language.

Planning Application

  • Subdivision/Site Plans - This application provides information about minor and major subdivisions and major site plans.  As well as providing various details about each development, it also provides access to PDF versions of more than 80% of the final major subdivision plats that have been filed throughout the township's history.  Access to minor subdivision plats is presently being added, with a expected completion time of early 2009.
  • Zoning - This application provides information about the township zoning districts.  Summary tables and the on-line access to the section of the township ordinance for each zoning district are also provided.  It is highly recommended that users of the application still consult the hard-copy township ordinances, zoning map, and the appropriate township officials before making any final determinations.
  • Critical Areas - This application provides information about the various types of critical areas throughout the township and their potential affect on individual parcels.  Critical areas are defined as stream corridors and 20 FT buffers, wetlands and transition areas, critical slopes and 20 FT buffers, and critical soils and 20 FT buffers.  Users of this application must understand the information provided here is not site specific information.  Actual critical area types and locations may vary when determined on a site specific basis.  Users should consult the appropriate professionals to determine the full extent of critical areas on each parcel where required.
  • Wastewater Management Plan (WWMP) - This application provides information about sewer service areas, sanitary sewer system, wastewater treatment plants, and wastewater treatment plant outfalls.  Users can also obtain as-built plans (where available) of the sewer system in PDF format and 1"=100' sanitary sewer maps.  Users of this application should still consult the official township Wastewater Management Plan and the appropriate township officials before making any final determinations.

Natural Resource Inventory (NRI)

  • Soils - This application provides detailed soil information based on the latest USDA-Natural Resource Conservation Service's Soil Survey for Somerset County.  Available information includes soil type, soil suitability for various uses, component information, hydric soil rating, erodible classification, water table depth, bedrock depth, and principal crops grown.  Users of this application should consult the appropriate professionals for site specific soil information where required.
  • Land Use/Land Cover - This application provides information land use/land cover information prepared by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) for the years 1986, 1995, and 2002 and changes in forest and agricultural areas between those time periods.
  • Surface Water - This application provides information on lakes and streams, water quality, AMNET stream monitoring, and HUC 14 subwatersheds (drainage basins).  Most of the information in this application was prepared by the NJDEP.
  • Habitats (NJ Landscape Project) - This application provides information prepared by the NJDEP for priority concern, threatened, and endangered species habitats.  Users of this application should consult the appropriate professionals for site specific habitat information where required.
  • Other NRI Info - This application provides information provides information on open space, green acres inventory, wetlands, aquifers, and geology.  Open space and green acres surveys and deeds are available for most tracts in PDF format.  Users of this application should consult the appropriate professionals for site specific information where required.

Engineering Application

  • Topography/Flood Zone - This application provides information about topography and FEMA flood hazard areas.  One of the features is the ability to determine if a parcel is impacted by flood hazard area.  Users can also retrieve information about most previous official flood hazard searches for a specific parcel.  Historical information on FEMA Letters of Map Change (LOMC) are also available, with on-line access to a PDF version of LOMC is provided if available.  Users can obtain PDF versions of the current FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM), township prepared flood hazard mapping with and without topographic information, USGS Quadrangle Topographic, maps, and township prepared 1"=100' topographic maps.  Users also can download CAD versions of the township's 1996 Planimetric and Topographic files.  If users need an official Flood Hazard Area Certification for a specific property, they will still have to apply with the township for a certification.  There is a fee for this service.
  • Survey Control - This application provides information about survey control in the area.  Users can retrieve information about National Geodetic Survey and New Jersey Geodetic Control Survey Stations, as well as aerial photo ground control targets used in previous aerial photography of the township.  Datasheets for National Geodetic Survey (NGS) Control Stations are provided online directly from the NGS website.  Datasheets for NJ Geodetic Control Survey Stations and aerial targets are provided online in PDF format.
  • Parks, Roads & Utilities - This application provides information about the township's infrastructure.  Information is accessible on sanitary sewer system, storm drainage system, wastewater treatment plants, roads, intersections and parks.  Access to PDF versions of 1"=100' sanitary sewer map and some as-built plans is provided.

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